Mr & Mrs King

Mr & Mrs King had a wonderful wedding held at the Inn on the Lake, Gravesend. A family run establishment. Set in 12 acres of woodland. Mrs King and her bridal party were guests at the hotel the night before the big day. Helen the hotel's wedding coordinator and the staff were incredibly accommodating and professional.


The bride taking a moment before her wedding dress to ponder on the happy times to come.
The earing are ready and waiting

The wedding champagne flutes with bespoke names and titles fit for a perfect morning during the bridal prep.

Champange flutes with bespoke names and titles
Even the little ones are a big part of the special day


Never forget the wedding shoes. Beautiful is one thing. Let's hope they are comfortable as well.
Can you guess how many bridesmaids there are?

A clothes hanger for each person in the bridal party all or which has their name and role... Less they forget.

A clothes hanger for each person of the bridal party.

A special moment when the mother of the bride helps her daughter with her wedding dress to get her ready to walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams

A specail moment when the brides mum help her daughter get ready for the rest of her life.
The bride's very proud mother lookin on during the wedding ceremony.


The bridesmaids looking colourful and shedding a tear or two of happiness


The grooms party congratulating the groom by posing for the wedding photographer... me, Jon Santilli, Santilli Wedding Photography
Those traditional wedding portraits. The little ones are really getting involed

The colourful socks for each person of the grooms party with bespoke name and roles to complement the bridesmaids colourfull dresses

Socks with bespoke name and role for each person of the grooms party
The boys looking cool and feeling good as part fo the formal traditional family and friends wedding portrait photographs
The bride, her mother and two nans posing for a family portrait.


The grooms party giving the groom a big congratulatory hug
Bride groom and the grooms and brides party
The groom holding his new wife ready to kiss her


You can really tell that they love each other
Throwing confetti over the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle of their family and friends


The happy couple saying their vows to each other.
Family and friends surround the bride and groom in the shape of a heart representing a love and a happy future



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