Here are some of the things I have come across that I thougth were great wedding ideas

A Nice Touch

During my time as a wedding photography, I have seen and heard of a fair few things. Some which are unspeakable and others I thought added a really nice touch to the wedding day.


Another thing I noticed is the bride or/and groom sometimes does not have an idea what to expect during the entire wedding day. And as for most of the wedding I photography, it's usually their first, so why would they know what to expect. I thought it might be helpful to go through a wedding photographers typical day and mention a thing or three as a suggestion to what you may or may not have already considered.


Bare in mind, what I write is merely observational and suggestions and by no means is a must do or have. I will try and update this page every so often if I can and if I come across something that I remembered about a wedding day I had the pleasure to photograph.

What time does the day start?

As a wedding photographer, I do like to arrive as early as possible but usually not before the make-up and hair artist. I find the wedding ceremony more often than not starts about 1400. As such the morning start, depending on how many from the bridal party are having their hair and make-up done, about 0900-1000am.



Sophia is a bridal makeup artist that I have recently had the pleasure to meet while I was photographing a wedding in Kent. Please feel free to click on her link to check out her work.

Say "Cheeeese"

Sometimes you will find the wedding photographer asks you to smile. Some wedding bride and grooms do not... "not smile" intentionally. It may be that they just are not thinking about it.


Try to think about smiling during the course of the day even when you are not posing in front of camera, because the camera will follow you around all day even thought you may not be aware of it.


I can be difficult at times. And you may find that your cheek muscles will start to ache for all the smiling you will do.


Remember, it's when you smile and we can see you teeth is when we wedding photographers produce some of the best photos


More to come...


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