Mr & Mrs Jones

The maid of honour and bridemaids getting ready in their very colourful dresses.

The bridal party, getting ready at the farm house. The wedding colour themes were bright and happy.

Mr and Mrs Jones got married in a local village church in front of friends and family. After which they all went back to their home farm to celebrate the wedding breakfast in a beautifully decorated barn with bright and happy colours with good food and a great band. They also had entertainment in the form of a giant bouncy castle as well as one of those Bull Rides.

Each cuff-links worn by the grooms men had a significant meaning to them. All ready for them, before going to the local pub for morning pint.

Each pair of cufflinks are specific to each groom and best man.

The wedding rings were ready and waiting for the best-man to look after.

The groom is responsible for these rings.

During the bridal-prep, the bride is getting into her wedding dress and being helped by the bridesmaids.

Making sure the wedding dress fits.


The groom and grooms-men were very calm and enjoying getting ready before heading of to the pub for a sneaky one.

The groom party are particularly calm and on schedule

The groom party were surprisingly calm.

Don't forget the shoes.

The grooms men were oddly tall. (Maybe there is a slight exaggeration).

One drink in the local pub before heading off to the church.

The groom along with the grooms-men, waiting calmly for the bride to arrive. And she does. In a vintage tractor and beautify decorated cart.

The bridal party is coming in her vintage tractor and beautifly decorated cart


That is the look of a very proud father of the bride looking on during the wedding ceremony as her daughter is married off to her husband to be.

A very proud father of the bride looking on as the wedding couple say their vows.

Husband and wife walking down the church aisle.



Just time for a few fabulous photos of the bride and groom.


Have you ever seed such fabulous colours on sheep before at a wedding?

Even the sheep get dressed up for the celebrations.


The bride and groom make an entrance to the wedding breakfast.


And there has got to be a few traditional, formal wedding photos with friends and family.



Of course there has to be a shot of the boys and their toys.

What a lovely idea to sourround the newly weds in the shape of a heart.


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