Have a browes as some of the questions I get asked most by the bride and groom

Frequently asked questions

I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question

that is not listed here please do give me a call and I will be happy to help.

What do you cover during the day?

A wedding day usually consists of the following:


  • Bridal prep
  • Groom prep (if possible)
  • Ceremony
  • Formal family & friends photographs
  • Bride and groom portrait session
  • Wedding breakfast
  • Speeches
  • Cutting of the cake
  • First dance
  • Party celebrations

How long is the day?

As a guide I consider a days coverage to last approximately 8 hours. I usually start when the bride starts hair and make up but am of course flexible to suit your needs.

Can you do more than 8 hours or can you stay longer?

Yes, I would be happy to. Each new hours is charged at £50.

How do you deliver the photos?

I usually deliver them via Dropbox. You can download all of the photos from Dropbox to your computer or any digital storage device such as an external hard drive, USB Stick or similar.

What happens if I loose my digital photos?

If you would like me to store/archive your wedding photos, I can do just that. The cost to  is £35 for 1 year and £70 for 3 years. After which there will be no guarantee that I will continue to store your photos.

What happens if I didn't pay for archiving or storage and I still lost my photos?

There will be no guarantee, however, if I have not deleted your wedding photos to free up hard disk storage space, it is possible that I may still have your photos available and not necessarily in RAW format. If that is the case, you may purchase a new set  of digital copy of your wedding photos. The cost of which is £250.

Why do some church services not allow wedding photography or videography during the ceremony?

Some churches will have restrictions as to what a wedding photographer is allowed to do during the ceremony. Be sure to ask your contact at the church what restrictions, if any, may apply. You are also very welcome to ask me to do this for you.

At a civil ceremony, does the registrar have any restrictions for wedding photographers?

Civil ceremonies are usually much less restrictive regarding what the wedding photographer is allowed to do during a wedding service.  Some of them prefer you don't use flash photography or stand in front of them. Again, this is something that you can request me do find out.

Back up, back up, back up!!!

Ok. So first things first. I start with this because it is important and recently, no matter how much I stress to the client that they should back up any digital photos I provide them, sometimes they still seem to come back to me to say that they have lost there digital copy. Not just once, but two, even three times. The best way is in a secure cloud environment such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or one of any other similar service.

You should also consider storing a copy of all your wedding photos on you computers internal hard drive and an external hard drive. Here are two types of external hard drives that I use. You can purchase the hard drives on most online shops that sell storage devices and in most high street computer retail shop.

For your own sanity and to make sure that you don't manage to loose all copies of your wedding photos. We recommend that you store at least 3 sets of copies. One on your computer hard drive or, if you are concerned with storage space, an external hard drive. The second copy should be an a second hard drive and if you can, preferably not at the same address as your 1st copy. Perhaps you can keep a copy with a close relative.  The third copy should either be in a secure cloud server or an additional external hard drive.


With three digital copies stored in three separate locations, it should be very difficult to loose all your digital photos of your wedding day. And best of all, you would not have to come back to me to purchase another set of digital photos should I not have already deleted them.

Who owns the copyright to my photos?

Santilli Photography retain the copyright to your wedding photographs. However, Santilli Photography will grant you a licence for personal use.

Why does the wedding photographer own the copyright?

Professional wedding photographers are usually proud of their own creative work and spend a lot of time, money and effort, training and learning the art of photography, especially wedding photography. As such, for example, if you give a photo or image to another wedding supplier, the wedding photographer may feel doing so without justified remuneration is more than the wedding photographer agreed to as per the original agreement.


Follow this link that explains in more detail about wedding photographers work and copyright.

(link not working yet as I am in the process to acquiring permission)

May I post the wedding photos on social media?

The price that I agree with you will usually allow you to do so unless stated otherwise. Also, you must not upload the high resolution version of your wedding photos but instead to request a new suitable copy of your wedding photos specifically for social media. The new suitable copy that Santilli Photography provide will come a watermark that must accompany any photo uploaded to social media, such as Facebook or similar.

If I have any more questions, what do I do?

If you have any more question please do not hesitate to contact me through email or phone as I would be more than happy to help any way I can.


I hope the above helps you in some way and look forward to hearing from you.


t: 07929 218 529